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Boost YouTube Traffic

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Before we start talking about YouTube I want to talk about traffic a little bit foot traffic is the term we used for people that we know that visit our website
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The pages they read and the activities they do and You might have heard me mention organic traffic already I'm going to talk a lot about it I love organic traffic and why is organic traffic so cool? And what exaclty is.

Organic Traffic is all the traffic you do not have to pay for directly and the traffic you get from paper click or any ather method in which you have paid for to send the visitors to you that video or website that is not organic traffic.

Organic traffic is that comes to you from the content you have created and it is made for people that are looking for the information that you are giving and That's why it's so awesome Let's find out

Here are some reasons whay organic traffic is so awesome and you need to get a grip on it and you need organic traffic for your YouTube business and your website business

Organic traffic is you Build once, enjoy forever.

When you go to the Ad routine then you are advertising on the internet or any other medium and that is only good if you continue putting money into it the day you stop putting money into it the day you stop spending the in flow traffic will stop and that is not so with organic traffic.

If you build a YouTube video or website and put some content online and you make a good quality content and make it attractive people want to see it or read it aslong that content is out there on the internet it will continue to track fresh visitors

Either one month later or two months later or two years later when you already finish your investment and when you already spent the money you spent when you'er not spending a single dime anymore.

Organic traffic will continue to send you organic traffic and fresh traffic to your videos or your website. The second point I want to say is organic traffic is cheaper and for some people that might be a little difficult for them to understand

Because many of us have failed when it comes to capitalizing on organic traffic and many of us has failed creating content that will get you the organic traffic
in a massive way and for many of us putting up some content online only to get a small tiny trickle of traffic.

For them of course organic traffic is not cheap it's expensive because you have to spend to create the content that"s not the fault of organic traffic that's the fault of the person that is creating the content because they may have not created good content or the wrong Niche the wrong keywords or they're not optimizing their content correctly for the internet

But if you do all this correactly and create good content and if you optimize it correctly and in the long run organic traffic is cheaper if you do it right and it is cheaper then paid advertising or paid traffic

But the third thing I want to bring to your tension or maybe you know it that YouTube is all about organic traffic YouTube is a site that brings in shovel loads of traffic to anybody that  use it correctly and if you are targeting youtube traffic for yourself that's the kind of traffic you're getting organic that is if you use it correctly

You're not looking to spam on anybody as you would with advertising to get people from youtube you have to put good quality content and videos and send people to where you like them to go to or to your offer or send the people to or your website or keep them watching your videos. Resulting in revenue for you

YouTube is all about organic traffic people want to look to watch videos and then you create content on Youtube and then you want a chunk of that traffic

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